Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Advert Song – Seven Nation Army

Here is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 advert for 2022 titled ‘Night Owls’ which shows a woman going on a late night run.

We see the actress heading out on to the quiet night streets wearing her Galaxy Watch 4. She’s being followed by an owl as a voice-over says “Sleep at night. Run faster. Push harder. Follow the herd. Not for me. I run on a different schedule: Mine”.

The ad then concludes with the tagline: “Your Galaxy. Your Way”. All this to the sound of an acoustic cover version of a classic rock song by The White Stripes.

The music in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 advert

Music: Seven Nation Army (Cover) | Artist : Zella Day

The music in the 2022 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 advert is a cover version of the classic rock song ‘Seven Nation Army’ that was released in 2003 by rock duo the White Stripes. The song was the opening track to their fourth studio album “Elephant”.

The cover version of “Seven Nation Army” in this advert was recorded by American singer-songwriter Zella Day in 2012.

The original 2003 version features one of the most recognised guitar riffs and has also become a sports anthem, commonly appearing in audience chants.

Listen to Day’s full version on her official YouTube video:

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And of course those rock lovers out there, we couldn’t leave without providing the original by the White Stipes!

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