Intel EVO platform advert music

This new Intel EVO advert released as part of a re-branding by the electronics giant last year features music by the Danger Twins.

The commercial introduces a new line of premium laptops, designed on the Intel Evo platform.

The informative advert tells viewers about the various functions of their mobile devices including Thunderbolt 4, Intel WiFi 6 technology, instant startup and fast charging. The ad concludes with the voice-over saying “Just look for Intel EVO on your next laptop. The badge means it’s verified wonderful”.

The music in the Intel advert

Music: Something New | Artist : Danger Twins

The music in the Intel EVO commercial is a song called ‘Something New’ released in 2020 by Nashville-based electric indie duo ‘Danger Twins’. The song features on their album ‘All The Things’

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