Galaxy S22 Ultra Advert – Unstoppable

Here’s the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra advert showcasing “The eipc standard” of their large phone with stylus.

Samsung have been working towards this seamless marriage of the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy 5 handset. The S Pen is embedded in the phone which boasts flat edges at the top and bottom with the screen curving in to the body at the sides.

The S22 Ultra also boasts a glass back with professional brushed finish.

Viewers are invited to “break the rules of light” with the devices’ night-photography abilities. We’re also told that it “breaks the rules of power with Samsung’s fastest (4nm) processor. Finally the commercial makes it note-worthy that the S-Pen is embedded within the smartphone.

The music in the Galaxy S22 Ultra advert

Music: Unstoppable | Artist : Sia

The music in the new Galaxy S22 Ultra advert is the 2016 song “Unstoppable” by Australian singer-songwriter Sia. This track was famously used in the Lancome Idôle advert starring Zendaya.

Unstoppable features on Sia’s seventh studio album ‘This Is Acting’

Download track on Amazon Music

Listen to the full track on Sia’s official YouTube music video for ‘Unstoppable’: