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Indeed 2021 Superbowl Advert Song – The Rising

This 2021 Indeed Superbowl Advert titled “The Rising” features a cover version song of the 2015 hit Rise Up. In the 60-second commercial we see various people who have been helped out by Indeed. Whether they be “the ones starting out”, “the ones starting over” or “the ones thinking about today or tomorrow”, Indeed help people get jobs, says the advert.

The music in the advert

Music: Rise Up (Cover) | Artist : Christian Shelton

The music in the Indeed 2021 Superbowl advert is a cover version of the 2015 song “Rise Up” performed by Nevada-based singer Christian Shelton. His version can be watched on the YouTube video below

The original song was recorded by American singer-songwriter Andra Day and featured on her debut album ‘Cheers to the Fall’.

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