Dove Tan Mousse Advert Music – Take Care of your tan

This new Dove Self-Tan Mousse advert titled ‘Take control of your tan’ shows how people were trying to get a sun tan last summer.

The advert shows people in lockdown trying their hardest to get some sun on to their skin through bedroom windows, on balconies and even in the boot of a car! A voice-over then says “There’s an easier way to tan this summer with Dove’s light-weight, deeply moisturising and fast absorbing self-tan mousse”.

The music in the Dove Self Tan Mousse advert

Music: Summer Kiss | Artist : Stephen Clinton Sullivan

The music in the 2021 Dove self-tan mousse advert is a library song called ‘Summer Kiss’ composed by Stephen Clinton Sullivan and published by BWN Music. The track is not commercially available for download.

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