Argos Christmas Advert Song 2021 – Na Na Na Na Na

A popular ad song for 2021 has been used in this Argos Christmas advert for 2021 titled “Baubles to last year Christmas is ON”.

The commercial begins by exclaiming “This Christmas is going to be a big one as we see all the joys of Christmas to an upbeat remix of the song they have used in their advertising campaigns this year.

We see children choosing the gadgets they want this year form the Argos catalogue, a group of people surprising a lady with a festive visit. The ad also shows a woman using a flame thrower to light the Christmas pudding.

Later in the advert we see a woman surprised by the camera she has been given as a present and saying “Wow” as her daughter watches on her phone which shows her mum ‘glitching’ on screen right at that moment. We also see a man amazed by his noise cancelling headphones saying “It’s amazing, I can’t hear a thing” followed by a boy who is literally blown away by is present from Argos.

The music in the Argos Christmas 2021 advert

Music: Life Is Live (Remix) | Artist : Opus

The music in the Argos Christmas advert for 2021 is a festive remix version of the 1985 hit “Life Is Life” by Austrian band Opus. A different version of the song was used in the Life’s Here summer advert by Argos earlier this year.

The part of the song we hear in this advert is the repetitive lyrics “Na naa na na na” which is usually followed by a crowd response. This became particularly popular during live performances.

Listen to the full original song on this YouTube video:

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