Asda 2021 Christmas Advert Song – Ice Skating

This 2021 Asda Christmas advert invites viewers to “Make Christmas Spectacular” this year. In the ad we see Asda customers and staff all ice skating there way through the festive season. Whether it be Christmas food shopping, preforming a nativity, enjoying a works Christmas party or having Christmas dinner at home, everybody is enjoying Christmas on ice skates.

A voice-over then says: “Make Christmas spectacular with Asda from the big day to all the little days in between.” Followed by Asda’s Christmas tagline “Give the Asda price feeling this Christmas.”

What’s the music in the Asda 2021 Christmas advert ?

Music: Boléro | Artist : Maurice Ravel

The music in the 2021 Asda Christmas advert is the famous song ‘Bolero’ by French composer Maurice Ravel. Bolero was used for Torvill & Dean’s 1984 Winter Olympic gold medal-winning figure skating performance.

Boléro was originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian actress and dancer Ida Rubinstein, the 1928 piece is Ravel’s most famous musical composition.

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