Nectar Points at Argos – Advert Music

This new Argos advert promotes a series of ‘Nectar points at Argos’ in this Coronation Street sponsor slots. In the first ad we see a woman who appears to have lost her toothbrush. After searching around cupboards and closets, she notices her son trying to brush the hair of their family dog. A voice-over then says “Who’s in the dog house this week”.

The second advert shows a woman coming home to her children being childminded by her Mum. The children are causing ‘chaos’ on the floor which promptly requires a quick order of a cordless vacuum cleaner from Argos.

More adverts in this series show carious family situations at home which can be resolved by Argos with Nectar.

The music in the Nectar Points at Argos advert

Music: Life Is Life | Artist : Opus

The background music in the Nectar with Argos sponsor adverts is the 1985 his song “Life Is Life” recorded by Austrian band Opus.

This music has now feautres in the last three advertising campaigns by Argos and is fast become an anthem for the retailer.

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video:

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