Argos Summer 2021 Advert Song- Life’s Here

This new Argos advert featuring a cover of a classic 80’s song reveals the catalogue retailer’s new slogan “Life’s here. Be Ready”.

The 2021 advert begins with a sunny day in the park, reflecting some of the great moments that British families can enjoy with the help of products bought from Argos.

The 60-second commercial starts with a little girl noticing a bee that signals the start of British summer. We then hear the sound of an ice cream van as families roll out their picnic blankets. Viewers then hear the uplifting summer music from Opus start (more details below).

In the ad we see various items bought from Argos including a Sonos speaker, headphones, water guns, Jenga blocks, flying rings and smart watches.

What’s the Argos Summer 2021 advert song?

Music: Life Is Life | Artist : Opus

The music in the 2021 Argos Life’s Here Be Ready advert is the 1985 classic hit song “Life Is Life” recorded by Austrian band Opus.

The song became a Europe-wide hit in 1985 reaching number one in no less than 5 European countries and Canada.

Featuring the lyrics:

“When we all give the power,
We all give the best,
Every minute of an hour,
Don’t think about a rest”

The song is perhaps most well recognised by the repetitive lyrics “Na naa na na na” which is followed by a crowd response. This became particularly popular during live performances.

The keen eared might notice that the song in the advert is not the original. We don’t know who is performing the cover version in the advert but it is very similar to the original by Opus all the same. The original song was recently used in a short Euro 2020 sponsor advert by

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video:

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