2021 Halifax Advert Song – Stand By Me

This new 2021 Halifax advert features music by Manchester-based band Oasis. Here you can watch the full 90-second advert and find out the details of the Oasis song featured in the ad.

The hugely popular advert by the high street bank for 2021 is titled ‘It’s a People Thing’. The commercial shows us various people going about their every-day lives (likely set in pre-covid times). We see examples of all “the ups, the downs and everything in between” such as a joyful family, a couple struggling to try for a baby, a couple about to have a baby, a girl having fun with her sister, a man taking his dog to the vets and many more.

The advert concludes with a Halifax employee stopping a football from rolling down a street for two teenagers on his way to work. He doesn’t exactly have the skills of Cristiano Ronaldo but he helps stop the group from losing their ball.

The music in the 2021 Halifax advert?

Music: Stand By Me | Artist : Oasis

The music in the new 2021 Halifax advert is a song called “Stand By Me” recorded in 1997 by Manchester-based Britpop band Oasis. The song was the second single from the band’s third studio album ‘Be Here Now’.

The song featuring the lyrics “Stand by me. Nobody knows the way it’s gonna be” was undoubtedly chart-topping material but only peaked at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart. It was topped by the record-breaking Elton John single ‘Candle in the Wind 1997’, which was re-recorded in memory of Diana Princess of Wales who had died just three weeks before the release of the Oasis track.

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The popularity of this Halifax advert suggests that there is something of a resurgence of popularity for certain 90’s Britpop songs. ‘Stand By Me’ by Oasis is no exception.

Music by Oasis is not a regular for tv advertisements but has featured in TV adverts before. These include a cover version of the band’s 1995 hit song ‘Wonderwall’ in a 2019 Renault Clio ad. Also ‘Live Forever’ was used in a TV trailer campaign for the Wimbledon tennis championships in 2019.