ITV Drama vs Reality – Trailer

ITV have released this new Drama vs Reality advert trailer as ITV launch the next instalments of the campaign. In the trailer we see Innocent star Katherine Kelly unwinding in her home before opening a cupboard to reveal TOWIE star Pete Wicks gagged and bound. Kelly casually gestures to him to shh as she retrieves a bottle of tonic before closing the door on him. This prompts the tagline “Drama vs reality, the fight for your attention starts here.”

This is not the only unlikely pairing as there is a second version of the trailer which replaces Pete Wicks with TOWIE cast member Bobby Norris.

The music in the ITV Drama vs Reality advert

Music: Dans La Galaxie | Artist : Bruno Leys

The French music in the ITV Drama vs Reality trailer campaign is a song called ‘Dans La Galaxie’ released in 2020 by French psychedelic rock musician Bruno Leys.

Incredibly Bruno Leys’s work was originally created in 1967 while he was attending medical school in Paris. Driving back to the university with a friend, Bruno sang along nonchalantly with the songs on the radio. His friend was surprised to discover his lovely voice and encouraged him to audition for a group composed of friends from the university who were looking for a singer. Bruno was not selected for the group, but became friends with one of its members, Emmanuel Pairault.

The song makes use of an “ondes Martenot”, a primitive electronic musical instrument. He composed a few solo numbers, remarkable for their use of that instrument. Looking for someone to write lyrics to go with his instrumental tracks, Emmanuel asked Bruno to try a few. Bruno and Emmanuel thereby put together a small repertoire, with no ambition other than to have fun. “Galaxie” was included in a rare promotional 45 in 1969 which never came to being released.

“Dans La Galaxie” has now been made available on a never released before EP titled ‘Maintenant Je Suis Un Vyou”.

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