Halifax Market – Advert Song

Here’s the new Halifax ‘It’s a people thing’ Market advert which follows on from their previous ad last year featuring the same song by Oasis.

This time we see friends being reunited and a bustling market now that we are out of lock-down. The ad says “It’s a mates reunited thing” as we see a group of friends enjoying a drive out together. “It’s a father son thing” as we see a father and son busy selling flowers at their market stall. “It’s a first breakup thing” as a girl breaks up with her boyfriend. Then “It’s a friendly face thing” and “It’s a good to be back thing.” The ad also says “It’s a gone but but not forgotten thing” when an elderly lady visits a memorial bench.

The music in the Halifax Market advert

Music: Stand By Me | Artist : Oasis

As before the music in the Halifax Market advert is the 1997 Britpop hit “Stand By Me” recorded by the Manchester-based band Oasis. The track was the second single form the band’s third studio album ‘Be Here Now’.

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