Halifax Bench – Advert Song

Here’s the brand-new 2022 Halifax ‘It’s a people thing’ advert which features a bench outside one of their branches. The ad once again features the song Stand By Me by Oasis (but an unplugged version).

We see people from all walks of life using the bench from life-long friends to early morning joggers and work colleagues, dog owners and even a fox. We then hear a voice-over stating their tagline “From the ups, the downs and everything in-between. Halifax, it’s a people thing”

The music in the Halifax Bench advert

Music: Stand By Me | Artist : Oasis

The music in the Halifax Bench advert is an unplugged version of the 1997 Britpop hit “Stand By Me” recorded by the Manchester-based band Oasis. The track was the second single form the band’s third studio album ‘Be Here Now’. The song has been used throughout Halifax’s “It’s a people thing TV campaign”.

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