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American Express – Right Behind You

American Express - Violin Song

Financial services multinational American Express have released this heart-warming advert titled ‘Right Behind You’. The commercial begins with a violinist playing in a concert hall and then goes on to show viewers

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Lloyds Bank – Fraud 2019

Music: Look After You (Instrumental) | Artist : Aron Wright

Lloyds Bank - Fraud 2019

Lloyds Bank have released this short advert explaining how the high street bank will never call its customers and ask to move money into another account. The ad features the same horse and setting as their previous commercial

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Visa – FIFA 2019 Women’s Football World Cup

Music: To You Alone | Artist : Tom Rosenthal

Visa - 2019 Women's Football World Cup

This latest Visa TV advert promotes the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. The commercial features female players from all over the world playing the beautiful game taking inspiration from many sources…

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Halifax – Slinky Advert Song

Music: Jungle Boogie | Artist: Kool & The Gang

Halifax - Slinky advert music

Halifax gives users that New Home Feeling with this tv commercial promoting their mortgage products. The advert features a slinky making its way around a colourful house with some impressive…

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Mastercard – Camila Cabello

Music: Havana | Artist : Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug

Mastercard - Camila Cabello

This advert by Mastercard stars Camila Cabello who takes a moment to surprise random strangers by paying for gifts with her Mastercard on her phone. The advert begins by saying…

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