Tropicana – Start your day with life in every drop of Tropicana

American fruit-based juice brand Tropicana have released this TV advert promoting how their range of drinks can have a positive effect on your mornings. A women feels like she can take on the world after drinking the beverage. The ad uses the tagline “Life In Every Drop”.

The music in the advert

Music: It’s a Good Day | Artist : Peggy Lee

The music in the Tropicana advert is a 1946 song called It’s a Good Day recorded by American jazz and popular music singer-songwirter Peggy Lee. The song was co-written by Peggy and Dave Barbour. Peggy famously Peggy Lee dueted the song with Bing Crosby an a few occasions. The song was used in many TV shows and films including World’s greatest dad (2009), Aamir (2008) and U Turn (1997).

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