Sky TV 2019 – Idris Elba, Mollie & Grandad

Sky TV’s ‘Believe In Better’ 2019 advert stars actor Idris Elba spending some quality family time with Mollie and her Granddad watching TV. Mollie arrives in an unhappy mood, however Granddad saves the day by using the voice control feature of his Sky TV remote to switch from Formula 1 to the animated movie Incredibles 2. He simply says “We need Elastigirl”. Mind you, he does swiftly say “winter is coming” once his Granddaughter leaves; presumably to watch the final season of Games of Thrones.

The music in the advert

Music: Please Mr. Postman (Cover) | Artist : The Marvelettes

The classical music in the Sky TV advert is a cover version of the 1961 hit Please Mr. Postman by American girl group The Marvelettes. The song was written by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman. It was a debut single for the Marvelettes and was the first Motown song to reach the number-one position in the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The song has been covered many times with the most notable versions being recorded by the Beatles (1963) and the Carpenters (1975).

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