Heineken Silver – Advert Song

This new Heineken Silver advert for 2022 titled “Extra Fresh for real” features a woman who appears to be drinking the beer on an idyllic beach location. However she is actually sat at a bar window where a lorry has momentarily stopped outside with the beach scene on the side of it.

A fient then knocks on the window to get her attention and meet in the bar.

This advert is one of a series of ads by Heineken as part of a campaign to promote their new freshly brewed and specially wrapped beer. This forms part of an entirely new category on supermarket shelves to satisfy the growing demand for fresh products.

The music in the Heineken Silver advert

Music: Fresh (Silver edition) | Artist : MassiveMusic

The music used in the Heineken Fresh adverts is a song called ‘Fresh (SilverEdition) released for the advert this year by music production agency MassiveMusic in collaboration with R.N. Bell · R.E. Bell · J.L. Bonnefond · G.M. Brown · S. Linzer · C. Smith · J.T. Taylor · C.F. Williams.

Listen to the full track on this official YouTube video:

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