TK Maxx Christmas Advert 2022 – High Five

One of the first Christmas 2022 adverts has landed. Titled ‘Christmas Nailed’, this TKMaxx advert features a woman receiving a series of high-fives for her amazing gift ideas.

The ad begins with a man thanking the woman for the marvellous gifts. He goes on to say “you shouldn’t have spent so much on is” and she replies. “Didn’t, just went to TK Maxx”. This set off a whole series of high-fives as the actress received gratitude from the whole town for her extraordinary gifts.

The music in the TK Maxx Christmas 2022 advert

Song: Supernature
Artist: Cerrone
Album: Supernature (Cerrone III)
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1977

The music in the TK Maxx Christmas 2022 advert is a song called ‘Supernature’ released in 1977 by French electromusic record producer and composer Marc Cerrone.

Supernature is the title track to Cerrone’s third album ‘Supernature (Cerrone III). Cerrone always labelled his albums with numerals. Watch the official music video on Cerone’s YouTube Channel: