Pandora Christmas Collection – Advert Music

This new Pandora Christmas Collections 2022 advert promotes the Danish jewellery retailer’s latest gift ideas for the festive season.

From necklaces and charms to bracelets and earrings, Pandora invites viewers to give a little more this Christmas. The ad says “When it’s filled with love, it’s more than a gift” as we see friends and family opening up Pandora boxes for Christmas. A voice-over then says “Discover beautiful gift sets this Christmas at Pandora”.

The music in the Pandora Christmas Collection advert

Song: What Santa Left
Artist: Elizabeth Reynolds, Jason Pedder & Douglas Brown
Album: Songs for Winter
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2019

The music in the background of the Pandora Christmas 2022 advert is a song called ‘What Santa Left’ that was released in 2019 by English singer-songwriter Elizabeth Reynolds.

The music was composed by Jason Pedder and Douglas Brown alongside Elizabeth who wrote the song and provides the vocals.

Listen to the full track on this YouTube video from Douglas Brown’s Channel