McDonald’s Christmas 2022 Advert Song – Only You – The List

Here we have the McDonald’s Christmas 2022 advert titled ‘The List’. The ad featuring a cover version song of a famous song by Yazoo, follows a young boy who makes a Christmas list.

The advert begins with the boy’s mother suggesting he makes a Christmas list. The boy puts in a lot of effort and makes a long chain consisting of A4 pieces of paper each listing one present. While outside in at a Christmas market the boy loses his list in a gust of wind.

Upset, the parents decide to take the boy to McDonald’s to make him feel better. Afterwards the Mum asks “What was on your list anyway?” and the boy shows her the half of piece of paper that he managed to hold on to. It has a festive drawing of the family together in front of their house.

The music in the McDonald’s Christmas 2022 – Only You advert

Song: Only You (Cover)
Artist: Becky Hill
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2022

The music in the McDonald’s Christmas advert for 2022 is a cover song called ‘Only You’ recorded by British singer Becky Hill especially for the advert. Becky became famous after appearing on the first series of the singing talent show The Voice UK.

Featuring the lyrics “All I needed was the love you gave”, ‘Only You’ was originally recorded by English synth-pop duo Yazoo in 1982.

Listen to the full Becky Hill version in this YouTube video from her official channel: