O2 Christmas Advert Music – The Snowgran

O2 have released this Christmas advert for 2022 titled ‘The Snowgran’ to promote their offer that allows customers to send free data to someone who needs it for free.

In the commercial, we follow the journey of a lonely ‘Snowgran’ who is out in the cold watching people share Christmas with each other. A friendly neighbour (and Bubl the robot) notices the gran entering her home alone.

They knock on her door and offer a Christmas card containing a new O2 sim card. The O2 sim allows the Snowgran to use data on her phone to share Christmas with her friends and family.

The music in the O2 Christmas advert

Song: Perfect (piano cover)
Artist: Ed Shearan
Album: Divide
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2017

The music in the background of the O2 Christmas 2022 advert is a piano instrumental cover of the Ed Shearan hit ‘Perfect’. The song was originally released by the English singer-songwriter in 2017 from his third studio album ‘Divide’.

We don’ know which artist is performing the cover version in the advert. It may have been especially recorded for the campaign.

Watch the official music video for Perfect in this YouTube video from Shearan’s channel