TK Maxx 2021 Christmas Advert Song – Walk This Way

TK Max have released their 2021 Christmas advert titled “Christmas to the Maxx”. A popular theme for Christmas ads is the Christmas play theme and this is what TK Maxx have endorsed in their campaign this year.

The ad carries the positive message “This is the year to come back with a bang!” In the ad we see a boy called Laurie playing the organ at a Christmas concert while wearing some spectacularly flamboyant boots.

The performance doesn’t start well, however when he places his foot on the keyboard, the boy is given a huge inspirational boost and his performance burst in to life. The boy goes on to play the performance of his life. Does anyone recognise the tune he is playing? More below…

The music being played in the TK Maxx 2021 Christmas advert

Music: Walk This Way | Artist : Aerosmith

The music that the boy is playing in the 2021 TK Maxx Christmas advert is his cover version of the song ‘Walk This Way” recorded in 1975 by American rock band Aerosmith.

‘Walk This Way’ was released as the second single from the band’s third studio album ‘Toys in the Attic’. The song was famously covered in 1986 by hip hop group Run-DMC and featured vocals by Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry also featured in the song.

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