Sony Bravia Advert – Truly Immerse Yourself

This new Sony BRAVIA 2020 advert promotes the electronics giant’s new range of BRAVIA TV’s with this advert featuring piano music by Donata & Silvinho Erné

In the commercial, Sony highlight their TV’s “Stunning color, clarity and contrast and a screen that is also a speaker”. As we are immersed in to a cave with What appears to be a giant colourful glockenspiel. The advert goes on to say that their TVs allow users to “Immerse yourself with minimal design and smart voice control”.

Sony’s BRAVIA TV”s boast smart features to allow users to easily access the content they want combined with a minimalist design which allows viewers to focus on what they are watching rather than the TV itself. Something many TV manufacturers and designers sometimes overlook while trying to make their TV’s stand out in consumer electronics stores.

The new Sony BRAVIA range features the A8, XH95 and the XH90 models.

The music in the advert

Music: You Are Invincible (Piano Version) | Artist : Donata & Silvinho Erné

The music in the 2020 Sony BRAVIA advert is a cover version of the song ‘You Are Invincible’ recorded by Greek singer-songwirter Donata and musician Silvinho Erné.

In the music, we hear the sound of a glockenspiel and female vocals.

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