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Sony Bravia OLED TV – Window in to daytime

Sony have released a new advert promoting their Bravia OLED TV range called “Window in to daytime”. The ad promotes their A8F/AF8 Series televisions by means of some clever lighting scenes in nature. The advert ends with the tagline “A new TV experience awakens”.

The music in the advert

Music: Leave A Light On | Artist: Tom Walker

The music in the advert is the 2017 track Leave A Light On performed by English singer-songwriter Tom Walker.

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music

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2 years ago

In the Sony Bravia Oled TV advert, I am looking for the name of the tree with the purple flowers . The song is leave the light on the advert is Window in to Daytime.

Reply to  Margaret
2 years ago

It’s a Jacaranda. I don’t know what sort;there are a lot.

Reply to  Flo
2 years ago

Thank you so very much, I thought it might be, I love the jacaranda, driving down a street lined with the trees in flower would lift the darkest mood. I spent many years living in South Africa and grew to love the trees there.
Thank you again.
Kindest regards

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