SEAT 2020 Advert – It’s time to move again

This short 20-second SEAT advert titled “It’s time to move again” features production music by Grace Masa.

The commercial asks viewers “Remember how it felt when you did things for the first time? It’s time to get that feeling back”. The advert then shows us a toddler at the beach kicking sea water with her feet and two young girls riding their bikes.The ad goes on to say “we’ll help you get your car ready and safe with our SEAT After Sales services”. This comes as Covid-19 lock-downs becin to ease around the world.

It’s clear that car manufacturers will be desperately hoping for a return to car purchasing levels seen before the Coronavirus pandemic.

The music in the advert

Music: Life To Live | Artist : Grace Mesa

The music in the 2020 SEAT advert is a song called ‘Life to live’ recorded by a production team called Grace Mesa. The team comprises of singer-songwriter Shane Allen of electronic act DANKE and multi-instrumentalist Isaac Carpenter of AWOLNATION. The song is not currently available for download but watch this space…