2020 Paypal Advert Music – Let’s Make It Better

This 2020 Paypal advert titled ‘We’re Here For You’ features music by The Heavy to lift our spirits during lockdown.

In the commercial we are shown how people have come together when the world was forced to stay apart. Those little things that made a difference whether it be delivering bread, arranging fitness routines online or ordering a set of hair clippers!

Most commercials at the moment seem to be following a similar theme of bringing out the best in people during times of adversity. Coronavirus and the lock-down has truly changed the landscape of TV advertising during 2020.

The music in the advert

Music: Better As One | Artist : The Heavy

The music in the 2020 Paypal advert is a song called Better As One recorded in 2019 by English rock band The Heavy.

The song featuring the lyrics “Can we make it better? (Yeah). Can we make it different?” is taken from their studio album ‘Sons’.

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