San Miguel – Find Your Rich

A new advert by San Miguel Beer invites you to ‘Find Your Rich’ as the commercial challenges viewers what it means to be truly happy. Does wealth play a part?.

The commercial begins with a voice-over saying “Please make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Nothing is required of you except to simply.. observe”.

The ad by the Filipino Beer company goes on to show us images of wealth and riches with grand properties, expensive yachts, cars and private jets.

Half way through the advert, it then shows us friends and couples enjoying each other’s company, exploring the world and playing together, The tagline “Find Your Rich” then appears on screen.

The music in the advert

Music: **Commissioned** | Artist : Major Tom (Music Company)

The music in the San Miguel Find Your Rich advert is a classical piece that was composed especially for the advert by London-based music company ‘Major Tom’. Therefore, this popular classical piece of music is currently not commercially available.