Samsung Tab S6 Lite Advert – Made for the modern family

This new Samsung advert promotes the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with a new piece of music. In the commercial titled ‘Made for the Modern family’, viewers are shown how the tablet is designed for “work, play and everything in between”. Uses can be anything from working on spreadsheets and doing design work to playing Candy Crush or Fortnite.

The Galaxy S6 Lite includes an S Pen, 64GB of memory, 10.4” display, USB Type C cable and Ejection pin. The tablet comes in two flavours; Oxford Grey or Angora Blue.



The music in the advert

Music: TBC | Artist : TBC

The music in the 2020 SamsunG Galaxy S6 Lite advert features a female rap with the lyrics “Shake it up, stop when the clock hits 13” and “No one can do it like we do it”.

This song is currently not identified or available for download as far as we can see. It may have been especially recorded for Samsung. We will update this page as soon as we find out more…

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