Samsung The Freestyle – Advert Song

Samsung introduce their new freestyle portable projector with this advert titled ‘The Freestyle’. The commercial invites viewers to “reinvent yourself” and showcases all the many fun and creative ways that the device can be utilised. From projecting on to walls outside to birthday party messages and gaming.

The advert also invites us to “Project your inner self” by creating great content for online video platforms or create new outdoor games using image projection. The ad concludes with the tagline “unexpected joy everywhere”

The music in the Samsung The Freestyle advert

Music: That’s How I Like It | Artist : SATV Music

The music in the Samsung Freestyle projector advert is a song called “That’s How I Like It” recorded in 2020 by music production studio SATV Music. The track features on the album ‘Voxettes’ also released in the summer of 2020.

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video:

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