Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 – Customisation

This new Samsung advert introduces the Galaxy Tab Active2 promoting the tablet as a device “built for the most challenging work”. The advert features music by Swedish-American musician Mapei.

In the commercial we see various workers taking advantage of the tablet’s diversity and robustness. The example in the advert is a women’s busy day delivering goods for a courier company. She is able to check the weather forecast, use live maps, scan bar-codes with augmented reality and get customer’s signatures. Samsung also highlights features such as Bio-metric Facial Authentication, the IP68 S Pen, Dust and Water Resistance and Anti Shock Protective Cover. Towards the end of the advert we are shown the POGO Pin Charging accessory and Knox 2.8 Security. The advert concludes with the tagline “Make hard look easy”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Advert Music
Courier making good use of her Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

The music in the advert

Music: Million Ways To Live | Artist : Mapei

The music in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 advert is a song called “Million Ways To Live” released in 2015 by Swedish singer Mapei. The song in the advert features the lyrics:

“A million ways to live in this modern day
All the troubles that you’re in, watch you moving
Mad world, it’s a fact
Put it in your hashtag
Only once to live, never gonna get it back
Let’s go

Even if the road is long
When I’m many many miles from home
This is where we all belong
Many many miles from home
Don’t look back, you know better than that
We’ve got a long way to go
Even though the road is long
And we’re many many miles from home”

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