PlayStation Best of – Advert music

This new PlayStation advert titled ‘Best Of’ showcases the competitive side of gaming on the console. The ad features two gamers as they try to beat each other across a series of in-game adventures from futuristic battlefields to to a game of five-a-side football.

As the pair progress through the games they call for rematches “best of 5?”, “best of 7”. We see landmines, mythical creatures and sniper attacks. This ad shows everything these action-adventure games have to offer.

The music in the PlayStation “Best of” advert

Music: Woo Hoo | Artist : The’s

The music in the PlayStation “Best Of” advert is a song called “Woo Hoo” that was released in 2003 by Japanese trio group The’s. The track became famous after it featured in the soundtrack of Quintin Tatantino’s film Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

This ignited the profile of the already established band to the Western culture. The song is actually a cover of a 50’s semi-instrumental called ‘Woo Hoo’.

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