Apple Arcade – Hot Lava Trailer

As part of Apple’s new subscription-based gaming service ‘Apple Arcade’, the tech giant promotes the adventure video game that goes by the name of Hot Lava.

The game is a basic concept… The Floor is Hot Lava! Transporting us all back to our childhood imagination reliving those moments of excitement and chaos. Players run, jump, climb and surf across various environments flooded with hot, molten lava. It’s simple.. just don’t fall in. Hot Lava was released on September 19 available on Apple Arcade and Steam

The music in the advert

Music: Jump Around | Artist : House of Pain

The music in the Apple Arcade Hot Lava advert is the 1992 hit song “Jump Around” by American hip pop group House Of Pain. The track reached number 3 in the US Hot 100 Chart and a re-release of the song in the UK reached number 8 in the Singles Chart in 1993.

The song has resonated in popular culture ever since having featured in films such as Mrs Doubtfire, Ready to Rumble, Rush Hour and Jack Reacher but to name a few. The track has also known to have been played at major sporting events.

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