2021 Linkedin Advert Song

Linkedin have launched a new advert for 2021 titled “Let’s Step Forward, Together”. In the commercial we see a man getting out of his bed in the middle of the night to promote himself on Linkedin as “#OpenToWork”. Together with his unhealthy pot plant, the man sets off on a journey to ‘beat redundancy blues’ by using the professional community platform.

With some dedication, he slowly builds some connections and both him and his plant appear visibly healthier over time. The advert concludes with us seeing the man (with plant in hand) arriving for his first day in a new job.

This advertising campaign by Linkedin comes at a time of many redundancies and well known companies going in to administration as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, Covid-19 has impacted many small business as well, most especially the hospitality sector. This has affected how many brands have decided to set the tone of their advertising campaigns.

What is the song in the 2021 Linkedin advert ?

Music: Waiting On A Song | Artist : Dan Auerbach

The music in the 2021 Linkedin advert is a song called ‘Waiting On A Song’ released in 2017 by American singer-songwriter and musician Dan Auerbach. The alternative rock style song is the title track to his second studio album of the same name.

The song features the lyrics:

“I been thinking and been hummin’,
I been pickin and I been strumming,
Just waiting, waiting on a song”,

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video from Easy Eye Sound’s offical channel (Dan Auerbach’s record label).

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