Hotter Shoes Hello Comfort – Advert Music

This new advert by Hotter Shoes celebrates women over a certain age and how when they are comfortable they can do anything. The 30-second ad featuring some classical music shows a women who “says hello to loving [herself]” and goodbye to dull sec with dull Steve. We see the actress open the cork on a bottle of Champaign.

Another similar ad by the shoe brand shows an office worker throwing papers from her desk and bids farewell to her unqualified boss.

In the adverts a voice-over says “When you’re truly comfortable you can so anything”

The music in the Hotter Shoes Hello Comfort advert

Advert 1

Music: “Morning Mood” Peer Gynt Op. 23 | Artist : Edvard Grieg

The music in the first of the new Hotter Shoes Hello Comfort adverts is the famous classical piece “Morning Mood” by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Written in 1875 as incidental music to Henrik Isben’s play ‘Peer Gynt’. “Morning Mood” is the 23rd Opus in Edvard’s composition of the same name as the play. The piece is sometimes referred to as simply “Morning” and has used widely in popular culture in all kinds of media around the world including films, games and cartoons.

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Advert 2

Music: Requiem, K626:VIII Sequentia: Lacrimosa Dies Illa | Artist : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The music in the second of these new Hotter Shoes Hello Comfort adverts is the famous classical piece “Requiem in D minor, K. 626” composed by Mozart. The famous Saltzburg-born classical musician composed part of the Requiem in Vienna in 1971, but it was unfinished until his death on 05 December the same year. A completed version dated 1792 by Franz Xaver Süssmayr was delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who commissioned the piece for a requiem service to commemorate the anniversary of his wife’s death on 14 February.

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