Kopparberg Cider Advert – Outside Is Ours

This Kopparberg advert from the Cider brand is set in the desert with kites in the shape of humans. The ad featuring music by Abacus shows the kites flying against the backdrop of a sun-drenched clear blue sky. The trance music ads to the ethereal mood of the campaign. “Outside is where we belong. Outside belongs to us all” say Kopparberg. and uses the tagline and hashtag #OutsideIsOurs.

[UPDATE: this ad has been recently re-released in 2020 as a poignant reminder of how things were before Covid-19 lockdown’s were introduced world-wide.]

The music in the advert

Music: Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (Feat. Cimone)| Artist: Abacus

The music in the advert is a cover version of the 1980 track Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime by British band The Korgis. There was a successful cover version by Baby D in 1995 however the version in the advert is performed by Abacus (featuring vocals by Cimone) and is available from music services for download.

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