Standard Life – It’s My Life

Here is a new 2022 advert from Standard Life titled ‘Old Pensions’. The commercial explains how people can accumulate multiple pensions over time making them difficult to keep track of.

A voice-over tells viewers that “on average, people change jobs every 5 years, that could mean quite a few old pensions… all in different places”. We follow a man appearing to walk through his various occupations over the years.

The ad then suggests to viewers “why not get them under control today” by bringing them all together into one plan with Standard Life

The music in the Standard Life advert

Song: It’s My Life
Artist: Dr Alban
Album: One Love
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1992

The music in the Standard Life advert is the 1992 eurodance hit ‘It’s My Life’ recorded by Nigerian-Swedish record artists Dr. Alban. The track enjoyed incredible success reaching number one in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium and number two in the UK.

The song had another boost in 1993 when it was used in a popular TV advert for Tampax tampons.

Watch the official music video on YouTube: