Debenhams Spring Summer 2021 - Advert Music

Debenhams Spring Summer 2021 – Advert Music

Debenhams have surprisingly released a new advert for Spring/Summer 2021 featuring music by Loving Caliber. The commercial promotes fashion, beauty and home products that can be delivered to customer’s doors. The retailer which used to dominate the UK’s high streets has gone in to liquidation forcing the household name to

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Amazon Alexa 2021 Superbowl Advert Music - Alexa's Body

Amazon Alexa 2021 Advert Music

Amazon have released their Alexa TV advert for the 2021 Superbowl titled ‘Alexa’s body’. The advert features a woman who becomes transfixed by her Alexa smart speaker. She imagines it coming to life in the body of American actor Michael B Jordan. This strange relationship deepens as she develops a

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