TK Maxx 2021 Advert Music – Big Wins Small Prices

Check out this new TK Maxx advert campaign called ‘Big Wins, Small Prices’ featuring three commercials released in May. Here we have all the music and artists information for the adverts.

The ads celebrate the feeling of pride you get when finding great quality products at an equally great price.

In all three of the adverts we see various shoppers feeling smug at bagging a bargain at TK Maxx.

In the first advert we meet Margot at her local Bridge Club impressively shuffling cards as her friend says “heavens that’s bright, where on earth did you get that nail varnish?”. Margot is certainly not shy to show her nails off and describe them in detail. She responds “TK Maxx. It’s pineapple sunset. It’s salon-quality. It’s sexy. It’s fashion darling”.

The music in the TK Maxx 2021 ‘Bridge Club’ advert

Music: Distance (feat. Geoffroy) | Artist : Apashe

The music in the 2021 TK Maxx Bridge Club Advert is a song called ‘Distance’ that was released in 2019 by electronic music producer Apashe (real name John De Buck) who originates from Brussels and is now based in Montreal.

‘Distance’ is taken from Apashe’s EP ‘Renaissance’.

Apashe has provided music for many other adverts for brands such as Samsung, Netflix and more recently JD Sports. His creations have also been used for the sound design of the background of some video games such as Assassin’s Creed , Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

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The TK Maxx Taekwondo Advert

The second advert in this campaign begins in a taekwondo studio where parents and children are preparing for class. A little girl called Christine approaches her sensei wearing a silver belt. Her instructor then says “Christine, where did you get this? You have not passed white belt”. The girl responds with a series of powerful martial art moves and says “TEE… KAY… MAXX” then whispers “I really love the shine”.

Her instructor bows and respectfully whispers back “I love it” before Christine proudly walks off.

What’s the music in the TK Maxx Taekwondo Advert?

Music: 1977 | Artist : Ana Tijoux

The music in the background of the TK Maxx Taekwondo advert is a Latin hip-hop song called ‘1977’ which was released in 2010 by Chilean-French singer and musician Ana Tijoux (real name Anamaría Tijoux Merino).

The song is the third (yet title) track of Tijoux’s second studio album ‘1977’. The album received a Grammy Award nomination Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. The single 1977 has featured on featured in the American crim drama TV series Breaking Bad, American sitcom Broad City and the EA Sports video game, FIFA 11.

Listen to the full song on Anamaria Tijoux’s official YouTube Video below:

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TK Maxx ‘Neighbours’ Advert

The third advert in this campaign shows some friendly neighbours at night. A women in her kitchen notices a lamp flickering in the window in the house opposite. The lamp appears to move along the window frame turning on and off at its own accord. A mans head then pops up who whispers with excitement “It’s a desk lamp! It’s got a swivelly head! Total bargain!”. The woman then enthusiastically asks “Where did you get that?” to which the man proudly responds – “”.

What’s the music in the TK Maxx ‘Neighbours’ Advert ?

Music: Lui Lei | Artist : Piero Umiliani

The music in the TK Maxx neighbours advert is an Italian easy-listening song called ‘Lui Lei’ recorded in 1969 by Italian composer Piero Umiliani. The song is used in the 1969 Italian thriller film ‘Gangster’s Law’.

Umilani has composed scores for many films in the 1960’s and 70’s. His composition “Crepuscolo Sul Mare” was famously used in the American comedy heist movie Ocean’s Twelve.

Listen to the full track on this YouTube Video:

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