Argos Christmas 2020 Advert Song – Incredible

This new Argos Christmas advert for 2020 is titled ‘An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy’; A Quite a mouthful but the ad manages to capture the magic of Christmas with a song performed by Gary Barlow.

In the 125-second commercial we see a very special performance by two sisters who’s dream it is to become master magicians.

Argos Christmas 2020 Advert - Magicians
Argos Christmas 2020 Advert – Magicians

At the beginning, the sisters are searching through the Argos book for ideas. They see ‘Marvin’s Amazing Box of Tricks’ and say “Yes” and circle the item.

Next, the girls perform various magic tricks for their most adoring fans – their family. The commercial cleverly includes some tech that can be bought from Argos for Christmas such as smart watches and drones.

Argos Christmas 2020 Advert Song
Magicking a Smart Watch – Argos Christmas 2020 Advert

The advert concludes with a final performance where the pair perform a disappearing act. At the very end of the advert the Argos ‘Book of Dreams’ is pulled out of a hat.

Argos Christmas 2020 Advert Song -Incredible
Argos Book of Dreams 2020

The music in the 2020 Argos Christmas advert

Music: Incredible | Artist : Gary Barlow

The song in the Argos 2020 Christmas Advert is the newly released track ‘Incredible’ by British singer-songwriter Gary Barlow. The song is the second track taken from the Take-That star’s upcoming solo album ‘Music Played By Humans’.

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