Amazon Alexa 2021 Advert Music

Amazon have released their Alexa TV advert for the 2021 Superbowl titled ‘Alexa’s body’. The advert features a woman who becomes transfixed by her Alexa smart speaker. She imagines it coming to life in the body of American actor Michael B Jordan.

This strange relationship deepens as she develops a romantic bond climaxing with a bubble-bath. The ad is scheduled to premier during the Superbowl LV.

The song in the Amazon Alexa Superbowl advert

Music: The Most Beautiful Thing | Artist : Bruno Major

The music in the Amazon Alexa’s Body Superbowl advert is a song called “The Most Beautiful Thing” by British singer-songwriter Bruno Major. The song released as a single in 2020 is taken from Bruno’s album “To Let A Good Thing Die”. This song was co-written by Finneas (brother of Billie Eilish).

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