Debenhams Spring Summer 2021 – Advert Music

Debenhams have surprisingly released a new advert for Spring/Summer 2021 featuring music by Loving Caliber. The commercial promotes fashion, beauty and home products that can be delivered to customer’s doors.

The retailer which used to dominate the UK’s high streets has gone in to liquidation forcing the household name to close it’s stores. However, Debenham’s online store is still running. From early 2022 the brand’s products will be sold online by Boohoo.

The music in the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2021 advert

Music: Let Me Love You | Artist : Loving Caliber feat. MIA Pfirrman

The music in the Debenhams 2021 Spring Summer advert is a song called ‘Let Me Love You’ by musical group ‘Loving Caliber’. The group is the alter ego of artist Michael Stenmark together with co-producers Anders Lystell and Linda Stenmark.

The full track can be listneed to on YouTube

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