Amazon Advert - Opera

Amazon Alexa 2020 Advert – Opera

This Amazon Alexa 2020 advert featuring an operatic singer uses a classic Donna Summer hit. In the commercial titled ‘A voice is all you need’ a man travels back in time to ask an opera singer to perform “something more fun” as she initially performs Mozart’s Queen of the Night

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John Lewis Spring Fashion 2020 advert

John Lewis 2020 Advert – Spring Fashion

John Lewis have released a new advert promoting their Spring fashion collection featuring music by Rayelle. The commercial features various female models “showcasing the latest trends in fashion, home and beauty in womenswear. The advert tells viewers “There’s no better time than spring for new beginnings” giving a sense of

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Gucci Eyewear Advert Song

Gucci Eyewear Advert Song 2020

Gucci have launched this Spring/Summer 2020 advert for their Eyewear accessories featuring a classic 80s song. The commercial stars actress NiNi together with singer, actor and dancer KAI inside the Amoeba music store in Los Angeles. We are taken back to the eighties when going in to the local record

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