TSB Business Banking – Advert Music

TSB have launched this new TV advert in 2021 for their Business Banking services campaign. The ad shows a businesswoman at her bakery encouraging her staff with a series of gestures.

A voice-over says “Open a TSB Business Account and we’ll help you with a host of benefits like 25 months free banking”. It goes on to say “When TSB has your back, your small business can feel like the business”.

The music in the TSB Business Banking advert

Music: Make It Count | Artist : Dave James & Michael Craig

The music in the 2021 TSB Business advert is a rap song called “Make It Count” released in 2012 by Dave James & Michael Craig. The rap vocals are provided by Maria Marshall. The track features on the compilation album ‘US Hip Hop Crossover & RnB’ available on the Audio Network.

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