Zoopla – Tia and Jake

This new advert for 2020 by online property website Zoopla titled “Tia & Jake” features a power ballad classic by Heart.

The commercial features a voice over by English actress and comedian Diane Morgan (also known as Philomena Cunk). The ad tells the story of Tia and Jake who discover flat 16 on Savory Road via Zoopla. The property was “just within budget and had an open plan kitchen” says the voice-over.

The advert subtly explains why Tia and Jake are really pleased to finally have a place of their own. We are shown a picture on the wall that appears to be subject to some rhythmic activity from behind the wall. The advert must be suggesting something, and viewers can make up their own minds as to what.

The music in the advert

Music: Alone | Artist : Heart

The music in the Zoopla 2020 advert is the 1987 power ballad “Alone” recorded by American rock band ‘Heart’. The song featured on the band’s ninth studio album ‘Bad Animals’. The song was composed by American composers and musicians Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly in 1983. The track was then subsequently recorded by a few artists. In 1984, Valerie Stevenson and John Stamos recorded the song in their roles as Lisa Copley and Gino Minelli, on the original soundtrack of the CBS sitcom ‘Dreams’. Next came Heart’s popular version followed by Celine Dion 20 years later for her studio album ‘Taking Chances’.

Alone Official YouTube video

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