Hayes & Jarvis – Extraordinary Travels

In this new advert by Hayes & Jarvis, the holiday company asks viewers “What’s your extraordinary?”.

Hayes & Jarvis use bold, white H & J lettering of their emblem to display more relevant phrases on screen related to holiday experiences. Set to some soothing vocal music. We see a number of exotic locations including a couple snorkeling in a clear blue sea, a group of sailors on a calm stretch of water, a power glider and a women on a safari trip.

The advert goes on to say how the holiday agent “tailors every holiday to your needs. So your extraordinary is always handpicked and just for you”

The music in the advert

Music: Dissolving | Artist : Hannah Cohen

The music in the Hayes & Jarvis 2020 advert is a song called “Dissolving” released in 2019 by American singer and model Hannah Cohen. The track is taken from her third studio album ‘Welcome Home’.

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