Coors Light Advert Music – Fresh Climb

This new Coors Light advert set to music from a 2018 garage track celebrates freshness with an adventure in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This choice of location was not random as the Coors brewery founder Adolph Coors made his first beer her back in 1873.

The commercial begins with a man stood atop a mountain in swimwear. He places his swimming goggles over his eyes, runs towards a mountain ledge and dives over in to deep snow below. He proceeds to swim freestyle across the mountains. The adventurer passes hikers and skiers before finally leaping out of the snow to reach a vista bar at the mountain’s peak. He then enjoys a well deserved Coors Light as the commercial’s tagline says “Whatever you do, keep it fresh.”

This is the first advertising campaign by the brand since 2014. The first ad accompanied by music by the brand that has featured in our Drinks advert category.

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Music: Fresh | Artist : FooR & Majestic & Dread MC

The music in the 2020 Coors Light Fresh Climb advert is a 2018 garage track called “Fresh” by FooR, Majestic and Dread MC. The track features the lyrics

“Anything I touch right now is fresh, Everything in my life right now, bless. Work so hard, no time to rest, I ain’t gonna stop ’til I am the best.”

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