Samsung Galaxy S10 Note10 – Power of 10

Samsung present the power of their Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note+ phones with this TV advert.

The commercial titled “Power of 10” highlights the many features of these devices including the best ‘all display’ in it’s class, powerful wide and ultra-wide cameras, super steady anti-shake feature and of course the wireless power share functionality. The ad continues “The pen that’s mightier than the pencil” highlighting the included S-pen. Samsung give viewers even more insight highlighting the on-screen fingerprint Scanner, 5G capabilities, 30 minute charge for all-day use and impressive storage space. The commercial concludes with the tagline “The power is already here. Power of 10”.

The music in the advert

Music: Keep Up | Artist : Chelsea Grams

The music in the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Note10+ advert is a song called “Keep Up” released in September 2019 by a musician called Chelsea Grams. The title of this song could be a cheeky shout out to Apple to Keep Up given the timing of this campaign with Apple’s iPhone 11 launch.

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