Kia XCeed Advert – We Wanna Run Free

This TV advert for the All-New Kia XCeed featuring music by A.I.K. (Feat. Solon Z) describes the vehicle as “A sporty crossover with state of the art technology” and tells viewers “It won’t be a secret for long”.

The commercial features a man watching a Kia advert on TV in his home who then immediately decides to run to the nearest Kia dealership to go and buy the new XCeed. He fails to beat his fellow neighbour at the task.

The Kia XCeed is a stylish hatch/SUV crossover designed for active families of suburbia. The XCeed is based on the Kia Ceed hatchback but with higher suspension, a longer wheelbase, chunkier bumpers and a set of roof rails.

The music in the advert

Music: Invincible | Artist : A.I.K. (Feat. Solon Z)

The song in the new 2019 Kia XCeed advert is a song called Invincible released earlier this month (September 2019) by a band called AIK and features Boston-based artist Solon Z. Containing the lyrics “Wait on my dear, I’m runnin’ for you. Remember our love, our love is invincible. We wanna run free”, the song sounds like a Sinatra classic but is instead performed by this collaboration. The artists Solon Z normally performs as Solon Z and the Sapphires, a Boston 24 piece big band swing orchestra located in Brighton, MA who often perform Sinatra hits for wedding and corporate events.

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