Very Christmas Advert 2021 – Early, Very Best Excuse

Very invite viewers to start Christmas 2021 early with this TV advert titled ‘It’s the very best excuse’. The trend has started with this being the second brand to release a Christmas advert at the very beginning of October.

In this ad we see a family singing a carol with the lyrics “It’s the best excuse this Christmas, it’s the excuse of the year” while handing out mince pies to some very confused trick-or-treaters. This follows a similar theme to the recent Studio ‘Team Early’ advert.

Next we see the children washing the dishes and helping out their mother (with the that in return they will get the Christmas presents they have listed on the wall).

The mother blissfully browses the website on her phone while sat on the sofa. Meanwhile her son willingly fills her cup with milk.

It’s likely that we will see a flurry of ‘early’ Christmas adverts from more brands but the big question is, will they release more Christmas advertising campaigns nearer the festive season? We can only wait and see. This year is going to be an interesting Christmas TV ad season.

The music in the Very Christmas 2021 advert

This probably goes without saying but the carol being sung by the family in the advert was created specifically for the ad and is not commercially available.