Advert Song – Christmas 2020 are one of the first retailers to release their Christmas 2020 advert. This ad titled “Christmas is this Very moment” is a heart-warming campaign which encourages us to embrace every single moment in the countdown to December 25th. The commercial goes beyond the festive celebration, which we know may not be the same this year.

The film sends the message that the best thing about Christmas is not just the day itself but a combination of all the wonderfully festive moments in the build up to Christmas. Whether is be putting up overly enthusiastic Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas music, wearing crazy festive outfits and of course, giving presents to our loved ones.

The advert which features music in the background by T Rex features mum ‘Jodie’ who goes through her list of favourite festive moments including the neighbours overly enthusiastic festive lights that knock out the National Grid, getting a 12ft Christmas tree in to a 10ft room, terrible Christmas music like Crazy Frog’s version of Jingle Bells and receiving and giving presents to absolutely everyone, including the postwoman and the bin man!

This festive TV ad campaign from Very supersedes their 2019 ‘Get More Out of Giving’ campaign that features a brilliant choir cover version of ‘Feel The Love’.

The music in the Very Christmas 2020 advert

Music: Hot Love | Artist : T Rex

The music in the Aldo 2020 Christmas Advert is a song called ‘Hot Love’ recorded in 1971 by English glam rock band T. Rex. It was the group’s first number one on the UK Singles Chart remaining at the top spot for six consecutive weeks.

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